Game on!

Three Hong Kong has recently launched a new gaming solution, meaning gamers can now enjoy HD picture quality and a low latency experience on 5G mobile phones.

The gaming and e-sports industry is about to be revolutionised as it harnesses the potential of 5G combined with edge cloud technology. Imagine being able to play your game of choice across a variety of devices. That’s what Hong Kong gamers are about to experience. High-powered gaming consoles or personal computers will no longer be necessary as games are streamed from remote servers.

Three Hong Kong has demonstrated the latest MEC Cloud Gaming Solution with a strong 5G network in place and application of Multi-access Edge Computing technology. 5G has the potential to completely move the console out of the equation by migrating all the processing to the cloud. The console gaming days from Atari to Xbox may well become a thing of the past.

By lowering hardware requirements, the new solution will definitely attract more gamers and enable the e-sports industry to flourish in the 5G era. Competitive VR/AR multi-player games will most likely become the next big thing in competitive e-sports as they capitalise on the superior speed and low latency provided by 5G.