3,333 boxes of fun.

A little fun and entertainment can be a the antidote to many things – not least a global virus, as the people at Drei in Austria are telling their customers.

With their witty campaign for Covid-19 times, Drei are offering people a chance to win one of 3,333 ‘Zuhause boxes’, full of home-entertainment ideas aimed at the living room, the new epicentre of our lives. Because, as Drei says, playing sport, going to the cinema, band rehearsal and pottery group are simply out of the question, for now.

Inside the boxes, 180 lucky winners per day will find objects for inventors, game-players, connoisseurs, sports enthusiasts and the plain ‘stressed-out’ – but most of all, a little variety for a time of monotony. To give participants a taste of the fun they could have, Drei created this fun video, supported by social media and online activity to promote the campaign – and delivered ‘contactless’, for safety.

Surviving in these testing times sometimes comes down to finding distractions in amongst the statistics, the hardships and the restrictions. Drei’s light-hearted and sometimes irreverent brand is the perfect platform for this kind of approach – and the campaign attracted 1.6 million people via social media, generating 26k participants via the raffle.     

Take a look at the campaign video here.